3 months ago · January 20, 2014 ·

so with finals tomorrow and next weeks the comic page this weekend may be delayed (as always lel) due to being to studying and such

however i’ve started a new cartoon!! it’s a sailor moon short

hope i can get it done to celebrate the reboot of the anime!!

4 months ago · December 12, 2013 ·
  • Demise

Current Status: Upcoming

Genre: Horror

A young man by the name of Sunan Montri lives his whole life followed by death. Unexplainably, several people who so much as make simple eye contact with him pass away within moments, whether it be of accident, sickness, etc, etc. The story centers on his search for some sort of cure to this plague of death around him. Potential trigger warnings for self harm, suicide, phobias, violence, gore, blood, etc. It’s suppose to be nightmare fuel (but it is me so i doubt it’ll get ever scratch the surface)

  • Therianthropy

Current Status: Upcoming

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Two men, only known as Canine and Weapon, have escaped an illegal human testing facility in eastern Australia, now traveling the world on the run. Said lab produces its own computer brand, containing harmful hardware, which they search out to disassemble. This story centers around many elements as the story progresses. Warnings of body horror, gore, blood—we’re talking inhumane testing of humans and animals.

  • Hear No Evil

Current Status: Ongoing

Genre: Magical people (aka magical girls and magical boys), Action

Devin Akiyama, a senior in high school, becomes infected by a rare disease, forced to fight terrible monsters as a collector of sound, using his sense of hearing as a weapon. The world is being overrun by said monsters that infect the world with sin and suffering, and the collectors must destroy as many as possible to protect humanity from perishing. Possible body horror (monsters man, monsters)

  • Forth

Current Status: Upcoming

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

Aroth, a centaur, has lived her life curious of everything and everyone. When she stumbles upon a lost vampire boy named Ensemble, he snatches her up and they begin to travel the universe together, to all different planets and cosmos, Earth included, where Aroth learns of all different species, cultures, and why it’s all divided apart.

  • Leon & Bunny

Current Status: Upcoming

Genre: Anthro, Romance

In the year of 2036, the world of science has progressed exponentially—a new species of animalistic humans has been genetically engineered. However, this is far from celebrated, as gang wars between human and anthro begin to break out worldwide. Leon Hareman, a rabbit anthro, has yet to be roped into these wars, and he intends to keep it that way, peacefully owning a motorcycle shop on the edge of town, but this ends quickly when he encounters a feline by the name of, ironically enough, Bunny Catson. Before he knows it, he’s dragged into all kinds of new things—from the actual gang fights to having a girlfriend for the first time, and plenty of living in between.

6 months ago · October 05, 2013 ·
Restarting Hear No Evil

good news!

I’ve figured out how I wanna restart Hear No Evil!

seeing as how it has the most following at the moment due to my already having had pages out, I decided it’s best to continue working on that one instead of pursuing Demise.

expect pages soon as I’ve already started on the new page one!

7 months ago · September 24, 2013 · 3 notes
Regarding Konsplosion

So, after Konsplosion, I think I’ve gained at least a few people’s attention! 

Whether or not I have, now that Konsplosion is over, I can shift my focus back to my comic books and get working again. 

Hear No Evil, the only comic book with pages at the moment, is going to be taken down and restarted for a handful of reasons starting tomorrow.

Demise, however, has a few sketched pages done, and I may start drawing it soon if I can’t soon figure out how exactly I want HNE to be restarted!

On another note, I’ve made just enough money to buy another Artist Alley table for the Arkansas Anime Festival in November! I’ve so much merchandise left over that it wouldn’t be too much of a cost or work to just go back into making another table. 

So I hope to keep spreading the word there! That’s all!


7 months ago · September 22, 2013 ·